Sunday, July 4, 2010

Noise Marine Painted

What better colours to paint a noise marine in than the Emperor's Children colours? This miniature was one that has been sat on my shelf for some time since being assembled, largely because I wasn't happy with how tough it was to get it together -- largely a result of trying to fit the metal arms flush with the shoulder of the torso.

The main colour for the armour is purple, washed down with a darker purple hue and highlighted around the edges. The trim of the armour is metallic gold with some sunburst yellow highlighting. For the sonic weapon itself, I wanted something in bright colours that stood out from the main torso of the marine itself. Hence I chose a sickly green colour with some blue bits (because we all know blue and green should never be seen together -- I figure the noise marine would like that). The one problem is that the blue and green on the sonic weapon makes it look quite plastic-like. Perhaps this is not too much of a problem as I contend that the deviant noise marine would paint it any colour he so enjoyed. Finally, the piping on the marine was simply dry brushed in bolt gun metal. Overall, I like the feeling of the miniature, but I might have painted it in different colours if I had it over again. I'll look forward to assembling and painting up more of these guys at a later date.

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