Saturday, July 17, 2010

Underground Building Entry

Inspired by Forge World's creation of the same name, I decided to have a go at scratch building an underground building entry of my own design. I had a number of assorted bitz lying around which suggested the shape of the bunker to me: some assorted Hirst Arts blocks that weren't needed for other projects, some Dark Angels icons, a pot of just-add-water modelling stuff (think: liquid green stuff), rhino top hatch doors that weren't required on my vindicators or predator, and a circular MDF drinks coaster from the local hardware store.
The result is a bunker / underground building entry whose doors have been painted (stippled more accurately) in green to be suggestive of the Dark Angels chapter. The blocks have a more black and white finish, whilst the liquid green stuff on top has more of a brown effect -- suggestive of a quickly constructed bunker entry that has had concrete poured over the top of it for extra protection.

In game, this building blocks the line of sight of marine height models very readily. We haven't made up any rules about it, but if we did, I'd suggest something like AV12 for the entry and up to 5 infantry models could hide inside it, below ground, but they would not have any line of sight to the outside world. Not quite sure what use that would be (in case of a planetary virus bomb?), but I like the look of this scratch built scenery regardless!


John Lambshead said...

A vey nice peice of terrain.

jabberjabber said...

Thank you John.

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