Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chaos Predator with Extra Spikes

What differentiates chaos tanks from loyalist tanks? Spikes, of course! (And the odd paint job with variant iconography).

How many spikes can you fit on a chaos tank? Lots! You see, I know because I tried to find the answer with this one!!
Okay - so not every surface is 100% covered with spikes, but there's certainly enough of them to shout "I'm a chaos tank, and if you so much as call me loyalist then I'm gonna prod you". I confess that did think about more spikes ... but figured that not even a warped mind would have put spikes on the side of the tank and in front of the arc of fire of the heavy bolters. Or would they? Here's the side views:
I added a small shrine to one side of the vehicle to give it a little bit of a unique look. What could be more appropriate for the final resting place of a chaos warlord than a dakka predator? The third picture shows a number of different angles and one without the havoc launcher:
The paint job features a dual coloured camouflage scheme: khemri brown and catachan green. These two colours form the basis for the bulk of the tank, but you can also see plenty of rusted area and silvered sections where the predator's paint has flecked off slightly - especially at the corners.

I've also added some running fluid and heavy rust marks to the paint job so that it blends in better with my Death Guard ... but wouldn't look amiss in a generic chaos force. Admittedly, it isn't bright red or gordy pink, but I'm sure that even the World Eaters or Emperors Children would loot such a prize. I don't feel that my weathering of the tank is completely finished - I still need to pay some attention to the track and muddy up the lower portions of the tank. Some minor flecks of black here and there to show wear and tear also need to be added yet.

Honestly, there's so much detail in the paint job and conversion work that I don't think I can truly do it justice. Let's just say that the total time that I took assembling this tank and painting it was over 2 months ... but then again I might have only added one spike in one evening - I spaced it out significantly. My wife wasn't best pleased when I took over the dining table every second evening. But I'm very happy with it overall.

So, let me know if you have any questions or would like more painting / conversion detail on any particular aspect of this tank.


Alvin Khaw said...

Nice! I wouldn't want to be checking line of sight from it though putting your head near it with one eye open is really risky!

Good job!

sovietspace said...

I've always thought that the CSM deserved different models for their tanks. They should still have Predators and Land Raiders etc., but GW should make proper pre-heresy variants.

Anywho, sales suggestion over. You've done a great job with this, and your right, nobody could confuse this for a loyalist!

oni said...

Nice job.

Try and get your hands on some old Predators (not the really old ones from the RT era, but the ones from 2nd edition era with the metal turret and sponsons) they are perfect for Chaos.

Anonymous said...

It makes me want to catch a hedgehog and paint it in your colour scheme! Nice work mate, really unique looking tank

jabberjabber said...

Hi Alvin - yes, getting down to eye level is problematic occasionally! Protective eyewear is advised!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Sovietspace, I guess the buisness of GW means that it is cheaper to have the same sprue s loyalists and simply add in a chaos upgrade sprue. But wouldn't it be cool if there were CSM variant vehicles.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Oni - I remember those old predators! They certainly looked cool on the battlefield.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Unforgivenangels, maybe I should name this vehicle Hedgehog, or Echidna, or something similar.

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