Friday, February 20, 2009

Chaos Spawn Throwing a White Scar Marine

This is one of those ones that I wasn't too happy with, but perhaps I'm just being to self-critical? I like the idea of a chaos spawn throwing some prey, but this one just doesn't work too well for me. I've tried to analyze why it doesn't. Firstly, I don't think I painted the marine too well - just black on while with some red parts. The red in particular is not highlighted (etc.). The spawn itself requires more attention to detail (feathers, hooves, claws, etc. all look a bit poor). On the positive side, I was happy with the blue shading and highlighting on the spawn - especially on it's back. I'm also happy with the modelling - the pose is reasonably good and the spawn certainly looks like it is stepping up and over the remains of a vehicle.


natsirtm said...

Pose looks great. I'd say don't bother doing too much highlighting on the marine, it could detract from the spawn itself. Maybe do some battle damage instead?

Farmpunk said...

I thought the pose looked good as well.

maybe put some claw marks on the marine's armor, or put a bloody hole in the armor. I would perhaps do shading and grime on the marine, not highlighting.

Andy said...

It like it, you've done a great conversion.
I do think the marine looks a bit "clean" for being that dead. I'm not sure how to help it, maybe just a devlan mud wash and some blood.
It's still a great looking model though, well done.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Guys, I think you've collectively touched on what is wrong here - the Marine is waaayy too clean! It looks like he got killed by a psyker rather than by the claws of chaos spawn. It's blindingly obvious now that you've said it - thanks heaps!

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