Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plague Ogryn

Oh my, this one almost painted itself - such is the level of detail on this Forge World model of one of the plague ogryns. Truthfully, I don't think I painted it so much as exploited the exquisite sculpt with subtle applications of citadel colour.Painting.
I kicked off the painting of the model by undercoating it in black and making certain that the black got in to all of the recessed areas - this ensures that later on, if I've missed any bits, they are dark as if in shadow. It helps to give the model depth.

Then I started on multiple dry brushing layers. Starting of with dull browns initially and working up through greys and greens. The drybrushing was done using different colours in different regions, to give a more diseased appearance -- i.e. some bulging parts were intentionally painted in an off-colour to their surroundings to give the appearance of distended and infected flesh covering the ugly subdermal growths.

With the skin done, I approached a number of broad areas of the model on separate nights. Firstly, I painted the open wounds in blood red and red gore. After inking in a dull red, a small amount of pink was added to the red and applied over the initial layer. Highlights were painted in a near-equal mixture of pink and red.

The metallic cylinders that run through the miniature were painted in gold and inked with a darker chestnut ink to generate some depth. Only a few highlights were then applied in pure gold to touch it up.

The horns, teeth and nails were drybrushed up from the skin colour by using some Dheneb stone foundation drybrushing. The teeth were "yellowed" in a literal sense near the gums to suggest a poor level of dental hygiene.

Finally, around some of the open wounds, I highlighted in goblin green to suggest infection at and around the sore sites. Other final details included painting the ready-to-pop uber spots in orange an painting in the eyeball.

Positives: As I said, this is a great sculpt that I think anyone could drybrush and achieve good results with.
Negatives: I'm not so sure that the goblin green around the open wounds worked out totally well. I may go over some of them with redder colours. The base needs attention yet as well.

Uses for the miniature in standard Warhammer 40,000 Games.
(1) Daemon Prince. Either for codex: Chaos Space Marines, or codex: Daemons.
(2) Herald of Nurgle for codex: Daemons.
(3) Generic Greater Daemon for codex: Chaos Space Marines.
(4) A unique-looking Great Unclean One for codex: Daemons.
(5) Chaos Spawn.

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