Monday, February 23, 2009

A Base of Nurglings

If I were to ask you what "ingredients" an Epidemius army list should have in it, I'd wager that the majority of you would list nurglings alongside the staples of plaguebearers, daemon princes and Epidemius himself. In fact, I'd suggest that nurglings are a must alongside the others. The simple reason is how good they can be on the battlefield once Epidemius' tally starts to get significantly high.

Understandably, I consequentially got a hold of a number of nurglings: both modern and old-school. This picture is of one of my better bases of nurglings: four of them (with one old-school / realms of chaos one in the centre) mounted atop a back-2-basix resin base. The resin base was basecoated in black and drybrished steadily lighter to highlight the rough, ruined look of the pieces. The painting of the nurglings follows my standard plaguebearer approach: black undercoat; green / brown basecoat; a dark inking / wash; and drybrushing in lighter colours of greens, yellows and browns. The open sores were basecoated in pink and inked red. Then, a few rivulets of red blood were added - pouring from the wounds and on to the ruins of the base. This creates a distinctly gothic, macabre and disturbing look. Finally, the details such as claws, horns and eyeballs were added in carefully using a treble-zero brush with a steady hand.


RonSaikowski said...

Nice work. I think the resin base adds to the overall feel of these guys.
Most people just throw them on a flat base and are done with them. A nice base seems to command a little more attention.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Ron - I completely agree. Sometimes a base can make or break the image of a miniature. I think with smaller miniatures, such as nurglings, this can be even more true as it much easier to make the base the dominant component.

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