Friday, August 13, 2010

Old Terminator, New Base and Paint Scheme

The image is of an old Chaos Terminator, half painted up in the colours of the Sons of Malice (following some paint stripping from many years ago). Although I'm yet to complete this miniature (i.e. highlighting and blending the lighter colours), today I wanted to illustrate how a new base can easily transform an old miniature.

The base is a 40mm construct from back 2 basix. It features an urban setting with an old fuel (petrol?) canister on the rear. As you may be aware, the old style terminators were designed to fit in to a regular slottbase rather than a 40mm circular base. Hence, with this miniature, I have removed the slotta tab and pinned it to the resin base. The result still looks like a regular terminator, but he now has the correct base size for the modern 40k era. The only way that a casual observer would be able to tell that this fellow is not a modern chaos terminator is to look closely at the size of him in contrast to the modern plastic ones. He is slightly shorter in height and less bulky (or "heroic", if I can use that word). However, the new base gives him a height boost and a solid foundation to hold his own amongst his newer cousins.


r4gn4r said...

I had to do something similar, but instead of pulling the old model off of it's base, I put the old base on a big base! Cover the sharp ledge with green stuff, add basing and paint. Now he stands out just that little bit more.

jabberjabber said...

The ledge approach to a larger base can work wonderfully well :)

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