Monday, August 16, 2010

Apocalypse Homebrew: Nurgle's Miasma

Formation Name: Nurgle's Miasma

Points: 77 + points for the units

Description: In some incursions, the daemons and tide of filth from Nurgle's realm pour forward accompanied by large clouds of flies, a dense cloud of noxious fumes containing air-bourne Nurgle's Rot, and a seeping river of ooze underfoot. These conditions make it unwise for opponents to approach units directly surrounded by the Miasma.

Units: A minimum of 4 squads of Nurgle daemons, or models marked with the Mark of Nurgle (e.g. Plague Marines).

Special Rules:
  • All units entering play in this formation must do so at the same time and remain within 2 inches coherence of each other once on the board.
  • All Nurgle Daemons and models with the Mark of Nurgle inside the miasma are treated as having offensive and defensive grenades if they do not have them already.
  • Any opposing unit attacking models in the Miasma are reduced to initiative = 1 as the flies swarm around them looking for a new feast and the slime seeps in underfoot.
  • Any models within 6" of the miasma units take an automatic S3 hit at the start of their turn as the Rot takes its toll. Models with the Mark of Nurgle, or Nurgle daemons are not affected. Creatures killed by this hit are counted toward Epdemius' tally, if applicable.

    Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

    So the Miasma follows the squad? That's pretty good.

    jabberjabber said...

    Not too different to a pskyer activating Nurgle's Rot every turn in design, but with a few added extras!

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