Saturday, August 7, 2010

Earth Elemental

This miniature takes me back many years and holds a number of good memories -- largely ADnD roleplaying games that I had back at high school. It is an Earth Elemental (produced by citadel miniatures and still available through direct order from Games Workshop), based on a square Warhammer base and painted in different earthy and rocky tones. The paintwork is now chipped (see the forehead!) and the base has lost a number of its cobbles from the milliput that holds the miniature in place. I'm posting it for posterity and because it brings back happy thoughts of old friends when I see it.

Hence today's general question is this: Do any of your miniatures in your collections hold a special place in your mind or evoke happy thoughts when you dig them out once in a while (inspite of their painting or age)?


Karitas said...

Odd you shgould say that with this picture.

I had a grenadier water elemental, shaped like a curling wave, and it was the first thing i ever wet-blended. i was so impressed with myself.

Sadly I no longer have it, but I'd lay odds if i did, it would look terrible, so its probarbly best viewed through the dewey eyes of nostalgie :)

oh I think i was maybe 9 or 10 years old. and this was before 40k had any plastic models :)

Marcus said...

Nice. I've got the full set, picked up and painted a long time ago. Never moved mine onto anything beyond the round bases they had as part of them. Looks good the way you have it based.

Durmacar said...

I still have the first space marine I ever painted. I was 10 or 11 at the time, and since my first hobby shop closed while I was off at college it has some sentimental value. He's the last of "Dragon Chapter", grey orange grey, and more of a indistinct blob with orange shoulder pads. Such is the sacrifice of painting an army in honor of Enders Game. Being too inexperianced to paint a dragon on the shoulder pad I went for a dragon eye as well, which now suspiciously looks like the Eye of Horus... Ah for the carefree days of not squaring my army with the fluff, lol.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Durmacar - The Dragon Chapter sounds like it should be resurrected! :)

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