Friday, August 6, 2010

Note to Self on Merits of Blight Grenades

No self-respecting plague marine would be seen without them -- blight grenades are absolutely awesome in regular games of 40k. My only problem with them is trying to remember to declare using them!

Blight grenades negate the extra attack that opponents get due to charging plague marines. This can be incredibly useful in all situations, but especially against ork hordes and furious charge models. I remember one time being charged with bloodletters (who have furious charge) with a unit of 14 plague marines. They survived purely through their blight grenades.

Chances are that my plague marines are going to go last in most of the combats that they fight in. So to try to remember to declare using them, I will often think through my next turn ahead. Not only do I see a charge coming, but I also then remember that I have blight grenades! Hopefully writing this note to myself will help me remember them more often -- they really are an intrinsic part of what makes plague marines such a great troops choice in chaos space marine armies.


Jason said...

That is one gribbly marine.

Where did the head come from?

jabberjabber said...

The head is from the plastic chaos spawn box. It is basically an over-sized fly head!

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