Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Sisters of Silence Prosecutor Cadre

These are the foot soldier of the Sisters of Silence. If there is such a thing as "commonly seen Sisters", then this squad is it.

These Sisters are for massed operations against known enemies. As such, they have a space marine style load out with bolt guns, the usual grenades and psyk-out grenades.

With the fanatic discipline rule, the also gain the all-important fearless rule (as well as hatred against psykers). This can be important in some match ups in the 30k environment.

As with all mortal humans, those 3's in the various important places in the stat line hurt (toughness, strength and so on). They will die fast if they don't have a transport or take appropriate cover.

5 Sisters, Mistress with power weapon (75 points).
I regard this as a base line unit. Its not much, will die fast, but can keep objectives very nicely.

10 Sisters, all with two bolt pistols, one nuncio-Vox, one breaching charge, Mistress with Charnabal Sabre and plasma pistol (155 points).
Even with a relatively full load out, this is still a cheap squad. Take a transport. Get out and use those twin bolt pistols on the enemy. Kill psykers till you are content.

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