Saturday, May 20, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Legio Custodes Sentinel Guard Squad

The Custodian Sentinel Squad is the defensive formation of the Legio. As such they come with the Praesidium shields and the already very impressive Custodes stat line. Together these make for a formidable objective camping unit or counter assault unit.

As with other Custodes squads, the first thing to note is the stat line which features fives across the board apart from Wounds and Attacks that feature two each. This is impressive … but standard for the Custodes of course.

They come armed with the sentinel war blade -- a brutal close combat weapon with AP3. This features a built in bolt caster. Combining with this is the aforementioned shield. This combines to make them a unit that is really hard to budge. Great for objective camping. But also formidable in assault too.

As with other Custodes squads, they cost a fair bit of points. But used well, they will earn them back. I have said above that they are great for objectives. But I think I'd really want to get them in to the action and then camp out on an objective. Or take multiple small units of them perhaps.

3 Sentinel Guards, teleport transponders (195 points). 
Teleport in and sit on an objective. Or be a distraction unit.

5 Sentinel Guards (310 points).
Even naked they're great. Take a transport to taste.

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