Thursday, May 25, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Sisters of Silence Vigilator Cadre

These sisters are the more senior mainstay of the order. Their purpose is to eliminate key enemy targets on the battlefield. I read that as enemy psykers as I'm sure more other people would. However, they are well equipped to deal with a rebelling human population too, as required.

Unlike the Prosecutor squad, this cadre is made up of Sisters with the iconic execution blades. This does well against many opponents. Coupled with the fanatic discipline rule, they're also fearless.

Death Mark allows the cadre to nominate an enemy squad that they're trying to take out. Of course, you should nominate an enemy psyker to be fluffy. But you don't have to! This gives the unit preferred enemy against their death marked target.

As with all Sister squads, the stat line is worryingly poor thanks to toughness and strength of 3 each. Otherwise, they should be allocated a transport and used accordingly.

5 Sisters, Mistress with power weapon (90 points).
My favoured baseline build. Take with infiltrate to mess with your opponents thanks to company-cadre.

10 Sisters, one breacher charge, Mistress with Neuro-lash, plasma pistol (180 points).
A full load out, and still a modest price. Take a transport as required, or give some suitable rule with the company-cadre ability.

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