Monday, May 8, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Sisters of Silence Excruciatus Cadre

Imagine if a conquered world decided for some reason to try to hide their resident psykers. The Excruciatus Cadre would then be called to hunt down the protected psyker and bring them in. They double up as cult suppressors and general assault troops for worlds that seem loathe to pay the correct tithe.

There are a number of nice rules associated with this squad including being able to impose a -1 to hit from ranged weapons thanks to their "spectra-vestments", inflicting instant death when they're on their own in a melee.

Topping this off are flamers with compression tanks that can be bought as upgrade (I think these will be very nice in 8th edition) and a base line poisoned weapons (assault needlers).

There are other various upgrades available and, of course, the cadre rules that can be played around with. I kind of like infiltrate for almost all the sisters of silence that are not needed +1 to combat resolution. That said, crusader might be nice here as well.

The main negative here is that this squad can only be selected as compulsory HQs for detachments costing less than (yes: less than) 500 points. They operate only in small numbers after all. Plus they have human standard strength and toughness.

Excruciatus Cadre, 5 flamers with compression tanks (150 points).
A flamer orientated squad.

Excruciatus Cadre, 4 power weapons, Judge with power fist (145 points).
A close combat squad. Replace the fist with an executioner blade to taste.

Excruciatus Cadre, 5 stake crossbows (100 points).
I like this build for their sheer anti-psyker potential!


Somewhatdamaged said...

You've read the unit entry wrong; they can only be taken as a compulsory hq choice in a force less than 500pts, you can use them as a noj compulsory choice otherwise.

jabberjabber said...

thank you! re-wording made.

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