Friday, May 12, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Legio Custodes Hetaeron Squad

These men are the inner circle of the Legio Custodes. They are the confidants of the Emperor Himself and only very rarely will they leave his side.

More than this though, they are exceptionally powerful individuals. They are arguably superior to Astartes in every way, just as space marines are superior to mortal humans in every way.

Let me be blunt here. This is one of the best squads in the game right now. Sure, it costs a lot of points to deploy them, but they are well worth it with a solid 5 stat line (3's for W and A).

Moreover, they gain counter attack in comparison to regular custodes. In terms of equipment, they are very configurable, including the ability to each take a paragon blade and praesidium shield.

The points cost can rapidly add up here, and a vindicator shot can really ruin your day. But otherwise, there is little that these guys cannot handle.

Lets see:

5 Hetaeron, each with paragon blade and praesidium shield (475 points).
Yes, it is pricey. But yes: it is going to kill plenty. Take a dedicated transport to taste.

5 Hetaeron, 2 paragon blades, 2 solerite power gauntlet, vexilla and war blade, teleport transponders (420 points).
Take shields to taste. There really is very little in the game that this squad couldn't try to have a go at and generally do exceptionally well, or okay against. 

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