Saturday, May 6, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Legio Custodes Shield Captain

Promoted by the Emperor perhaps, and very well respected by his peers at the very worst, the Shield Captain is a senior commander within the Legio Custodes. More than this, he has access to the truly rare items of archaeotech from the vaults of Terra.

For the points value, the stat line is really amazing - easily as good or better than a space marine commander from ten thousand years later.  His abilities are similarly golden - literally. With 6 lots of strength = 6 attacks that can all have AP2, he can take out whole squads of enemies with contemptuous ease.

Worse, he can take the Tribune upgrade for a measly amount of points to gain fearless and eternal warrior. Plus they get to select warlord traits. This is by far the cheapest character in all of 30k for what they are capable of doing. I hope 8th edition corrects the points cost here myself.

Interestingly, he has to be the warlord unless people like Valdor are also present. Or the Emperor himself! This one line alone suggests in the strongest possible terms to me that one day in the far flung future that Forge World intends not only to present rules for the Emperor, but also a model. Exciting times ahead!

I can't think of any here.

There are many builds to think about, but the question comes down to what one wants to get out of him. Clearly the best part of the answer is a one man killing machine. But in an army of one men killing machines, the commander is very similar.

Shield Captain, teleport transponder, praesidium shield, solarite power gauntlet, Tribune (255 points).
About the same points as Typhus in 40k, and much more effective. Take a paragon spear to taste?

Shield Captain, teleport transponder, praesidium shield, melta bombs, digital lasers (230 points).
I think of this one as a base line. Teleport in. Kill stuff. Survive everything. 

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