Thursday, May 11, 2017

Horus Hersey Review: Jenetia Krole

The "Soulless Queen" herself -- Knight commander of the silent sisterhood and a sinister figure to say the least. The background fluff suggests she was legend prior to the Battle of Prospero with the Thousand Sons and she stalked many battlefields like some deathly spectre hunting down psykers galore for the Emperor (or even at the Emperor's behest).

Increased pips above human standard (and even space marine standard) in WS, W, I, A and Ld mark her out as worthy of the mere 150 points that she costs. She has a suite of special rules to go along with her including the usual ones associated with the sisterhood (she is soulless after all) and the all important eternal warrior.

She can upgrade an oblivion knight cadre for a small points fee to make them her "raptor guard" and provides them with a WS bonus.

But for me it is the war gear and the warlord trait that make her very attractive. Her Sword of Oblivion provides a strength bonus and AP2 combined with murderous strike and a duellists' edge to make her a deadly opponent in close combat. Combined with her warlord trait of being able to grant scouts and re roll the seizing of the initiative, I can see Krole being the "go to" woman for the Sisters very readily.

Fundamentally the Toughness=3 is going to get her killed pretty fast if the owning player does not protect her (or put her in a vehicle of some kind), even with eternal warrior. Thousand Sons players would be well advised to just rapid fire her to death with bolters otherwise.

An excellent choice for a Sisters army and one that comes wholly recommended by me. I could readily see her used as the lead HQ in many armies and tactics could readily be built around her scout warlord trait bonus.

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