Monday, April 16, 2018

Death from Above And Below

Thanks for stopping by. The topic that I wanted to briefly talk about today was the new option that has opened up with the impending release of the Forge World Termite. Namely, the Subterranean Assault rule.

In essence, this is very much akin to a second version of the more well known Drop Pod Assault special rule. At least in the sense that a controlling player would select half of their drop pods (termites) to enter play by deep strike and arrive on the first turn. The Subterranean Assault special rule creates a second category of this kind of assault, except its just those that come in to play from underneath the surface.

The overall effect of these two rules is that we can now have two guaranteed first turn deep striking units coming in from the reserves without having to roll for them coming on. In 30k, this is a huge thing; and makes going first a bit more of a game-changer for some armies.

Consider, for example, the Alpha Legion. With all its bonuses to seizing the initiative, having 2 first turn deep striking vehicles is an amazing start to the game and ties in well thematically with the Alpha Legion being able to attack from unexpected quarters and from multiple directions all at once. I'm thinking something like a Deathwind Drop Pod (to eliminate masses infantry on landing) coupled with a termite containing something like a support squad (who shoot once disembarked). Naturally, Alpharius will be concealing himself inside the support squad and will reveal himself on turn 2 to provide a super charged (preferred enemy: everything) second turn.

Obviously there are more uses besides this one. I think the Night Lords could make good use of this tactic as well to so fear and (literal) terror in to their enemies on turn one as well. Bathing the battlefield (where needed) in fire and promethium is an excellent option for the Salamanders as well.

Overall then, I like this rule, and it won't be long before we see competitive lists taking full advantage of having two first turn deep striking units coming in to play.

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