Thursday, April 12, 2018

Black Library Bookmark

Something odd happened in the past week. I got a freebie. This doesn't happen terribly often to me unless I'm reviewing a new miniature, or a new game, but it happened completed out of the blue. I was purchasing a Horus Heresy novel (Path of Heaven for the curious ... I know I'm a little behind in the reading, but hey, caught up on the White Scar's action now!). When I was paying for the book, the store manager asked if I wanted any of the free stuff that he had been asked to give away. I said sure. Alongside a couple of badges / pins, I ended up with the bookmark pictured below. 

The bookmark is a fairly regular set of materials with a kind of (what I presume to be) faux leather upper and man-made lower backing. Embossed on it is the Black Library name and logo and the lower end (right hand side of the image) has been sliced in to smaller sections in the traditional manner. 

I'm not sure what its worth, but I thought it was a cool little freebie to be given alongside a book purchase. Thank you Games Workshop and Black Library. It put a little smile on my face! 

It also got me wondering: how many of you out there have also got give-aways or free stuff from official Games Workshop stores? Presumably I am not the only one, but usually these kinds of things are given away due to store loyalty schemes, or equivalent. I've not been given anything point blank, just because I made a purchase except for this. 


myincubliss said...

Local Gw gave my daughter some stickers once...

Siph_Horridus said...

I got a T’au memory USB stick... haven’t put that Xenos tech into my holy machine spirit yet tho!

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