Friday, June 8, 2018

Lernaean Unboxing

Excitingly, the delivery is already here! I am now the proud owner of my own Alpharius coupled with the Lernaeans that went on sale today. Forge World shipped this at just after midnight UK time and it arrived late this afternoon to their new home.

Given that many of my readers will have already seen the unboxing of Alpharius and his components elsewhere, I thought I would show some images of unboxing the Lernaeans instead. [Don't worry, I'll do an Alpharius unboxing as well later].

The Lernaeans come in their own big box pictured below. Its about the same size as a Primarch box, give or take a little.

Inside the box, there are detailed instructions to help guide the process of building these marines.

Below are all the components laid out, straight out of the box. Obviously, I've not undertaken any clean up of the components yet, and flash can be seen in many places.

Some immediate notes.

* I will have to make a choice about whether I want one of them toting the conversion beamer or not. There are only ten shoulder pads supplied and eleven possible armaments. Magnetizing would be highly tricky for this.

* There are two axe poses: two with the grip half way up the haft of the axe, and three with the grip right at the top of the haft.

* There are a variety of poses possible here, and the arms can be positioned nicely.

* Heads all look the same. 

More on these marines at a later point! 


WestRider said...

Ooh, those are really looking nice!

And I can tell you from experience that, while it is possible to magnetize Cataphractii shoulder pads, it is an incredibly fiddly job, with lots of stress and opportunities for disaster.

jabberjabber said...

Whilst I'm no stranger to magnetization projects, I think this is one I will not bother with. I'm simply going to choose a weapon and be happy with it to be honest :)

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