Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Painting Alpha Legion Snipers 4. Macro Details

With every major surface done to at least the base layer stage, the next few steps in painting my Alpha Legion snipers was to start on the details. Following a wash of Nuln Oil on the silver trim parts, I turned my attention to the gauss weapons and the capes -- the macro details that need attention on the miniature.

For the gauss death mark, I went over the dark forest green base coat with a much brighter (scorpion green) outline of the edges -- relatively thickly in this case to emphasise the spreading of the energies contained within. Another layer of very fine edging was then applied in an off-white colour (white mixed with a very tiny amount of green in this case) to give the final appearance of an alien powered sniper weapon.

And then I turned to the capes. I wanted something that suggested camouflage without being criss-crossed in the traditional greens and browns fatigues that regular soldiers might wear. Instead, I wanted to suggest something a bit more technological. Perhaps some kind of "cloaking" circuitry built in to the capes. 

To achieve this look, I have used my airbrush, some green paint, and a stencil. The stencil in this case is from Anarchy Models - a UK based firm that sells many such stencils and designs specifically for usage with airbrushes. Here, I'm using mini hex stencils to give the suggestion of something technologically based that is sewn in to the cape. A chameleon circuit perhaps? I think it does the job, but it needed a bit of touching up with black paint and a steady hand to ensure that the hexagons came out right in the end. 

Also pictured in the image are several other additions, including edging details as well as the starts of an "Omega" symbol in the centre of the back pack. I've got a bit more tidying up to do yet on these miniatures and more fine details yet to be added. But its progressing very nicely at the moment and I'm liking the results I'm getting!


Mordian7th said...

Really dig how that cloak turned out - good stuff!

jabberjabber said...

Cheers! Its the first time I've used stencils like this and I am a convert to them now!

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