Sunday, July 1, 2018

Alpharius - Finished Model

I finished painting all of the parts and have now pinned and glued them all together. I am delighted by the final result and aesthetic!

The first picture is a front view of the completed model. I am very pleased with the blue to green gradients that I have achieved in the panels of the armour, as well as some of the extreme highlights on the silver parts of the armour.

The second one is a rear view, giving a sense of what I've achieved with the cape. Even though it is not painted with metallic paint, there is a good hint of light and shade on the cape that is reinforced with the stencilling on both the rear and the side facing Alpharius. 

A little nod to the internal Alpha Legion civil war can be seen in the base, especially with the Omega symbol on the decal of the doomed space marine legionary on the ground. 

Total project time was probably about 12 hours, spread over a couple of weeks.

I am going to leave it there for today and let readers just look at the pictures instead of typing too much more. I will aim to take a few more pictures in the coming days under better light and with scenery to show off the model in different compositions. Until then, enjoy! Questions and comments welcome.


WestRider said...

Looking great! The cloak came out fantastic. Maybe either add some gloss to the blood coming out of the legionnaire's leg, or glaze it with a bit of brown to make it look more clotted? Right now, it doesn't really fit either appearance.

jabberjabber said...

You are dead right -- These final touches are always something that I tend to forget (largely because I get focussed on other aspects of the project like the cloak). I will certainly go back to touch up a few things and this is one that will be added to the list!
Thanks so much!

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