Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Army List Challenge

Welcome to the first Army List Challenge of 2010! This one taps in to the Tyranid feeling that abounds this month.

Overview of the Challenge
Your team has been tasked with landing on a Tyranid target planet that is in the early stages of infestation. All around, there are flying tyranids that are mobbing and killing the local fauna (i.e. gargoyles, flying hive tyrants, etc.). Soon, there will be more tyranid life forms present on this doomed world, but for now its still early days. If you can capture the Tyranid digestion pool (an objective), then you will delay the inevitable for a little while longer and enable other parts of your army to retrieve important artifacts elsewhere on the planet's surface.

The game is a standard mission: Capture and Control with a spearhead deployment (table quarters). You opposition features a tyranid list in which nearly all of the models are able to fly. That means lots of gargoyles!

(1) Design a 1500 points army list for this mission from any codex.
(2) Post your army lists as a comment to this posting and suggest why they're well suited to this mission. In particular, specify why they'll be good at tackling a large mob of flying tyranids and well-able to capture both objectives despite the large numbers of the opposition and their ability to swoop in at the last moment.
(3) On Jan 21st 2010, I'll start a voting poll that will be open for 1 week to vote for what Warpstone Flux readers consider to be the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(4) Winner will be tallied and announced on Jan 28th.

Remember, the real aim of these challenges is to help others design effective army lists that are both themed and effective. There are no prizes beyond honour and kudos!


Heinz said...

Landing on a Tyranid infested planet to delay the inevitable and retrieve artifacts? Who else but the Emperors finest for such a task! And if it's going the be the Emperor's finest; Who else but the Ultramarines!!

The Ultramarines Special Character Army!


Sternguard Squad (8)
Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Drop Pod

Tactical Squad 1
Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Counter Attack, Drop Pod

Tactical Squad 2
Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Rhino

Scout Squad (10)
Tellion, Heavy Bolter

Chronus, Siege Shield



Total 1500pts.

Upon reaching the planet, Sicarius deploys Tellion and his scouts right away to confirm the location of the artifacts and scout out the digestion pool. Fortunately or not, they are both close by! Tellion regroups his scouts back to the ruins where the artifacts are hidden.

Meanwhile, under the command of Chronus, a defensive armoury consisting of a Vindicator, 2 Whirlwinds and the Second Tactical Squad in Rhino was prepped and deployed in two thunderbird transporters right after the scouts to secure the artifacts.

Once word reached Sicarius from Tellion that the digestion pool was so close to the artifact, Sicarus wasted no time ordering an immediate strike after a brief glance at the tactical map; deploying himself with the First Tactical Squad via drop pod to land just as Chronus' detachment started bombarding the digestion pool. The Sternguard Squad would be deployed from reserve to pump rapid fire hellfire rounds into the flying Tyrant spotted in the area.

Well... At least that's how I envisioned it in my head...

Sicarius drop pods next to a forward brood of gargoyles and burns them with the dual flame templates. The drop pod will provide valuable cover for the Vindicator. Sicarius and the squad should be mostly okay considering the the support from 2 Whirlwinds, a Vindicator and Tellion's full sniper Scout squad. It's just a simple case of blast & blast away.

The second Tactical squad's role is be a mobile plasma pillbox to target TMC and other 2+ nids. It's also the only mobile scoring unit depending on which objective requires more scoring units.

The Sternguard land next to the flying Tyrant and just pump hellfire rounds into it. It's got to fail some saves. The Power Fist will finish it off.

Some odd justifications
- Use of expensive special characters mean I had to multiply my firepower by using as many large blast weapons, blast weapons and templates as possible.
- Siege shield to brush aside the lush flora and fauna that first drew the Tyranids
- Chronus because he keeps shooting that lovely demoliser cannon until weapon destroyed or wrecked.
- Missile Launcher on the first Tactical squad because it's the classic counterpart to the flamer.
- Combi-Flamer on the Sternguard incase they need to drop next to a brood of gargoyles.

Thanks for reading. It was fun doing this!! ^^

suneokun said...

When facing flying nasties the key to victory is speed and firepower. It also helps if your whole army comes in a nicely armoured shell!

Option #1: Flight of the Mad Brigade

Primaris Psyker #1 70
Primaris Psyker #2 70

Sly Marbo 65

Veterans #1: shotguns, 1 Grenade Launcher and 2 Melta Gun's, Demolitions 125
Veterans #2: shotguns, 3 Melta Gun's, Demolitions 130
Veterans #3: shotguns, 3 Melta Gun's, Demolitions 130
Veterans #4: shotguns, 3 Melta Gun's, Demolitions 130

6 x Valkyries with Rocket Pods: 780

Tactics: this list is designed to out dogfight the horde. It starts on the board and immediately lights up any larger creatures (Flying Warriors for example) with S6 dakka. Once the badguys have closed then the Valks revert to a 12" move and 6 rocketpods a turn to keep the hivemind away. Marbo's your 'ace in the hole', giving you an anti lictor or Warrior killer option with his Demo pack. The melta's may look out of place, but they're actually 'sacrifice' units for killing Warriors and MC's... I think these guys would give a good game, but my option 2 is the 'meat and potatoes'...

Option #2: Come and get me...

Primaris Psyker #1 70
Primaris Psyker #2 70

Sly Marbo 65

Infantry HQ #1 with heavy flamer and 3 flamers, in Chimera with extra armour, heavy stubber and heavy flamer 145
Squad #1: Flamer in Chug as above: 135
Squad #2: Flamer in Chug as above: 135

Infantry HQ #2 with heavy flamer and 3 flamers, in Chimera with extra armour, heavy stubber and heavy flamer 145
Squad #1: Flamer in Chug as above: 135
Squad #2: Flamer in Chug as above: 135

3 x Hellhounds (separate) with heavy bolter and extra armour.

This lot are designed to take the first punch. The Multilasers, Primaris Psykers and Heavy bolters bring S6 death to any warriors on the board. This gives them a potential 'protection zone', as the gargoyles struggle to close without synapse.

The tank take a shooting/charge and then smack the nids with tank shock and apply multiple flamer death.

Each command Chug can pump out 2 Heavy flamer and 3 flamer shots (and a las pistol too - woop!) each squad chug can offer a flamer and a heavy flamer. The primaris psykers go dark on the lead chugs (Nightshroud), forcing lots of low level leadership nids to 'try' to shoot them.

As above, Marbo's the ace in the hole. Killing Warriors when he arrives.

Farmpunk said...

ok, so here I go to take a crak at the newest codex using one of the older codexes. I ACTUALLY get to use some of the WitchHunter's toys for this one. primarially, I'm going with a nasty one:
Blessed Ammo.
What's that? ah. psychic charged bullets that ignore cover. so here goes:

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord (Bolt pistol, CCW, Psychic Hood, Psi-tracker, #Hammer of the Witches) (159pts)
2 Hbolter Servitors
1 penitent

The old school psychic hood works against any psychic power on the board, the Psi-tracker lets any unit in the force re-roll one to-hit roll vs a psyker, or psyker attached to it (probably will go to an exorcist shot).
Hammer of the Witches psychic power makes D6 psykers take Ld tests, or suffer a Perils of the warp.
The Penitent gives the squad 4+ save to psychic attacks directed against them, or that they are in the area of effect. if the save is made, the power is nullified.

Celestian squad (3 bolters, 2 meltaguns)
Immolator (twin-linked Hflamer, that can move 12" and fire)(E. Armor) (158pts)

Celestian Squad (3 bolters, 2 meltaguns)
Immolator (twin linked Hflamer) (E. Armor) (158pts)

Sisters of Battle Squad (7bolters, Hflamer, Flamer)
Veteran Sister Superior (bolter, book of St. Lucius)
Rhino (E. Armor, Pintle mounted Storm bolter, Blessed Ammunition) (222pts)

Sisters of Battle Squad (7bolters, Hflamer, flamer)
Veteran Sister Superior (Bolter, Book of St. Lucius)
Rhino (E. Armor, Pintle mounted Storm bolter, Blessed Ammunition) (222pts)

Sisters of Battle squad (7bolters, Hflamer, flamer)
Veteran Sister Superior (Bolter, Book of St. Lucius)
Rhino (E. Armor, Pintle mounted storm bolter, blessed Ammunition) (222pts)

Heavy Support:
Exorcist (E. Armor) (140pts)
Exorcist (E. Armor) (140pts)
Immolator (twin-linked Hbolter, Blessed Ammunition, E. Armor)

ok, all of the Celestians and Sisters have a 5+ to nullify psychic powers used against them, the inq. has a 4+.
I've brought a psychic hood to nullify psychic powers as well. Hammer of the witches is to annoy psykers, and because I don't ever use it. The psi-tracker re-roll to-hit once a turn vs. a psyker is nice as well. It should help take down the big controller bugs.

Immolators are nice since they can move 12" and still use their twin-lined Hflamers. if needed, they can move 6" and also fire the 2 meltas on the Celestians.

The Sisters Squads should be good harassment with the 4 Stormbolter shots that ignore cover from their rhinos. The Hflamer/flamer combo should be able to make a LOT of crunchy bugs.
If the rhino gets popped, the Book allows the squad, and anyone within 6" to choose to make unmodified Ld checks at the Veteran's Ld.

The Exorcists are there to Kill Monsterous Creatures. Especially lynchpin bugs, and big gun bugs. They love to see high T, 2+ armor go splat.

The Immolator with Blessed Ammo is for the Inquisitor to get in, and to gun down bigger bugs hiding in cover.

I figure that with most of the nids having 5+ armor, ignoring cover saves will be nice. I've got a lot of Hflamers with mobility, and bolters that ignore cover.

My entire force is meant to stay in their vehicles, and out of CC, unless they can deliver a devastating blow, and stay out of assault range. All of the Sororitas units are covered by 5+ nullification to psychic powers, and can all use faith. Depending on the situation, I've got 5 faith points to work with, and a good variety of ways to use it.

I should be able to make my way across the board to get the objective, and then die the glorious death of martyrs.

Farmpunk said...

I have a 9 Penitent Engine and Arco-flagellent list worked up too, but it's getting late, and it's starting to sound like a silly idea.

open-topped AV11 flaming crazy monstrosities raging across the board with power-weapon wielding acrobats, and 4 squads of IST's w/plas or GL's

it was starting to seem silly. but fluffy.

jabberjabber said...

The 9 penitent engine list sounds like a scary idea!!! But I think it might have had solid mileage in the fluff department!

Lord said...

To late, but my list was Shas'el, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Cyclonic Ion Blaster, Hardwired Multitracker, 2x Gun Drones=110
--he is designed to really hurt at 18", and then jump away. He has 7 attacks, and a large blast template, so will really hurt any gaunts, or gargoyles

3 Shas'ui, with Missile Pods, Twin Linked Flamers= 129
3 Shas'ui, with Missile Pods, Twin Linked Flamers= 129
3 Shas'ui, with Missile Pods, Twin Linked Flamers=129
--These stay at range, hitting large creatures, with their S7. The Twin Linked flamers will really hurt as well. I am considering upgrading them to Plasma Rifles, but then they would be out of flamer range....they need to be 12" to double tap, but then they can be assaulted....tough decision. In addition, with Plasma rifles, its worth the extra points to be twin linked. Also, not amazing fluff wise, as there is no story with them.

6 Fire Warriors=60
6 Fire Warriors=60
6 Fire Warriors=60
--Lots of scoring units for the objective, and to put fire on many units....S5 is great vs Tyranids.

10 Kroot, 12 Hounds=142
10 Kroot, 11 Hounds=136
--These will be really nasty in forests, as they will have 3+ cover! Also, the 12 hounds are at I5, and 3 attacks each. The whole unit will have 66 attacks on the charge, nothing to scoff at!

3x Broadsides, with Multi Trackers and Twin Linked Plasma Rifles=255
--Expensive, but they can hurt some big bugs!

Sky Ray with Disruption Pods, Target array, and a pair of Burst Cannons=145
Sky Ray with Disruption Pods, Target array, and a pair of Burst Cannons=145
--the Heavy Hitters, with 4 marker lights hitting at BS4, and 12 Missiles, as well as a nice 12 S5 shots a turn. Fluff wise I might go for a Smart Missile System, thoughts? I can just imagine tiny missiles zooming towards gargoyles and punching tiny wholes in their wings....its beautiful!


I would castle up, and hope to kill everything with the broadsides, and crisis. The kroot would move to the objective, as they ignore difficult terrain. I would use up the seaker missiles quickly, and use the skyray's to tank shock the smaller nids off the objective..

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