Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rogue Trader Era Chaos Renegade

This is a miniature that I recently dug out of my old collection. It is a chaos renegade from the Realms of Chaos / Rogue Trader era, but minus the backpack.

The overall feeling of the miniature is one of Slaanesh. This is deduced from the head of the miniature: a little reminiscent of a Keeper of Secrets head mutation (an old mutation available to models with the mark of Slaanesh in the Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness book). Of particular note is the left hand of this miniature. It is intended to be a power fist. But note the size of the fist -- tiny in comparison to modern standards!

The marine is probably going to wind up in my noise marine squad - just as a regular squad member. Maybe I'll add a blade on to the left hand to turn it in to a power weapon and make the miniature in to a noise champion.

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Anonymous said...

I love the old chaos renegades: they had so much character. You're correct in that this is a Slaanesh model--though with the horns and a proper paint job, I could see it being painted up as Khorne or Tzeentch as well.

Will you be using this guy as your squad leader?

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