Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Painted Possessed Chaos Marine

When I sat down to paint up my possessed chaos marine that I'd assembled earlier, I was thinking that perhaps I'd do another Night Lords colour scheme. Hence, the basecoat on this chap started out as blue.

However, my previous attempts at Night Lords colours still hung over me (I wasn't 100 per cent happy with it!). So, instead of looking at that model -- or indeed, looking at any picture I had of a Night Lords colour scheme -- I decided to just paint the miniature how I thought it should be.

After washing the basecoat several times in blue, I applied progressively lighter blue tones, interspaced with several more blue washes. The ridges of some of the most prominent surfaces are almost white in colour. But I'm very happy with the level of blending here. I actually took my time for once and painted slowly, and am very pleased with the outcome of the skin (armour?) tone.

The contrast colour for the should pad edges (etc.) was done in bleached bone. This may seem at odds with the photograph, but then I applied a deep was of chestnut ink to created a slightly rusty / bronze colour. I think this really accentuates the blueness of the main armour.

As can also be seen from the shoulder pad, I've carefully gone around the edge of the main pad with space wolves grey (using a treble zero brush). I'm yet to decide which chapter or legion this chap belongs to, hence I left the shoulder pad blank in the iconography department.

The base was painted in browns and creams to suggest broken ruins, but not so bright as to detract from the main paint job. Final highlighting on the miniature included dotting the eyes and the bolts around the armour in a slightly off-white colour.


oni said...

I like it. That's an excellent color scheme for possessed. It has a sort of demonic, ghostly feel to it.

Alexander Man said...

Really nice colors... Details come out nicely with the high lights!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks guys! I hadn't thought of the colour scheme as ghostly, but now that you point it out - definitely! :)

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