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October 2011 Army List Challenge

Take and hold, boyz!  The theme for this month's army list challenge is to capture a lightly guarded outpost from the enemy and hold it for ten turns.  As soon as you capture the outpost (or turn 3 at the latest), all enemy units gain the "without number" special rule ... which means that as soon as you wipe out a unit, they re-enter the game from the board edge.  So, what kind of army would be most suitible for this task?  Heavy firepower?  Rapid redeployment?  Or something else?

(1) Design a 1500 points army list from any codex to take on this challenge.
(2) Post your army lists as a comment to this posting and why the army list is effective and is themed to the scenario.  
(3) Entries close at 01:00 GMT on October 14th.
(4) On that same day, I'll open a poll for Warpstone Flux readers to judge which army list they consider to be the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(5) The winner will be tallied and announced on October 21st (and entered in to the hall of fame!).  
(6) One entry per person please. 

Remember that there are no prizes for these contests, beyond kudos, honour and entry in to the hall of fame.

Good Luck!


Porky said...

That's a great scenario idea, simple, evocative and probably very good fun.

ming from b&c said...

Kantor's Kastle at 1500 Points - ready to take it and hold it.

HQ: Chapter Master Pedro Kantor

HQ: Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour Storm Shield; Null Zone; The Avenger

Elite: Terminator Assault Squad; Lightning Claws x2; Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x2; Sergeant; Lightning Claws

Elite: Sternguard Veteran Squad 9 Sternguard Veteran Squad; Combi-Meltagun x2; Plasma Cannon x2; Sergeant; Lightning Claw x1; Rhino

Troops: Tactical Squad 9 Plasma gun; Lascannon; Sergeant; Combi-Meltagun x1; Power Fist x1; Rhino

Troops: Tactical Squad 9; Plasma gun; Lascannon; Sergeant; Combi-Meltagun x1; Power Fist x1 Rhino

Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon;
1 Techmarine Gunner; 1 Drop Pod

This list should be able to take a "lightly held" position, and then setup a defensive castle to last vs the never-ending waves. The thunderfire is to drop at the objective and the pod and rhinos become castle walls and cover for the marines. Kantor makes everyone stubborn, inspired, and the librarian can aid vs special enemy units (null zone) or flame SMEs. The assault terminators are to countercharge when needed to restore the line. The thunderfire can work to slow down or wreck hordes anywhere on the board.

Torgrimm said...

Assuming that "without number" is applied to only infantry, we can make amazing Slaanesh themed list using CSM codex:

2x Slaanesh Sorcerer with Lash of Submission.

4x Rhino with 5x Noise Marines, Blastmaster, Havoc Launcher.

1x Defiler with 2x DCCW
2x Vindicator with Daemonic Possession.

And some points to spare. In case vehicles also get without number, we can use obliterators as Heavy Support choice.

So what do we have here - 2 Lashes, because there is a lot of models against us, and we don't want to get stuck in combat, plus each Lash is a Pinning check as well. 4 Havoc Launchers as anti-light infantry and general range torrent power. 4 Blastmasters to pin down troops we don't want to fight. 3 resilient pie-plates to deal with heavy stuff, such as without number terminators and marines. That would be it.

jabberjabber said...

Received by email:

Hendrick (Imperial Guard)
I assume we play on a regular table (48" on 72"), the outpost is preferably closer to our edge (about 1/3 into the board).
I'd run an Imperial Guard list, because it is the simple men of the Guard that get the really bad jobs with the unlikely chances of survival. *G*

NOTE: I've only got a german IG codex so please forgive me if some terms are wrong. I will gladly clarify any questions regarding that.

So let's get it on with the list first and then to my ideas:

- Company Command Squad with autocannon

Elite1: none

- Platoon Command Squad with mortar, Chenkov
- Infantry Squad with flamer, autocannon, Commisar
- Infantry Squad with flamer, autocannon
- Heavy Weapon Team with 3x autocannon
- Heavy Weapon Team with 3x lascannon
- Heavy Weapon Team with 3x lascannon
- 30 Conscripts with "Send the next wave"

- Platoon Command Squad with mortar
- Infantry Squad with flamer, mortar, Commisar
- Infantry Squad with flamer, mortar
- Heavy Weapon Team with 3x mortar
- Heavy Weapon Team with 3x mortar
- Heavy Weapon Team with 3x mortar

Fast Attack1: none

Heavy Support1: Leman Russ Battle Tank with Hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter sponsons

Heavy Support2: Leman Russ Battle Tank with Hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter sponsons

So what do we have:

- 126 bodys (counting the weapon teams as 2 bodys each)
- 2 heavy tanks

- 13 Mortars (48" range, 3" explosion, no LOS)
- 6 autocannons (48" range, 12 shot)
- 3 lascannons (48" range)
- 2 battle cannons (72" range, 5" explosion)
- 6 Heavy Bolters (36" range)
- 4 Flamer (for when it gets desperate)

Now on to the tactics to employ:
- the Infantry Squads should be merged in each Platoon, so we get the improved LD and stubborn from the commisars.
- the LRBs, the infantry squads and the conscripts charge the outpost full on (with the conscripts working as the front meat shield).
- if possible the mortar teams should be placed as far frontal as possible and preferably in cover or even better completely out of LOS. Therefore they should be able to lay a constant hail of mortar grenades from the start till the bitter end.
- the autocannon and lascannon teams should also either start in positions where they can remain for the rest of the game or should use a "Überschlagener Einsatz" (that was the term we used in the German Airforce): one team shoots, the other runs, switching roles in the next turn until the desired position has been reached (preferably in the fort or in a covered position from where they have fire lanes to shoot at the front without having to move again)
- once the fort has been taken the LRB take up positions on the sides and remain still in order to be able to fire all weapons.
- the Infantry Squad with the autocannons are to take forward positions in / infront of (if cover is available) the fort, while the Squad with the mortars is to remain in or behind the fort to counter charge in case everything is going down the drain.
- the conscripts are to be used as bait to get enemy units into the open and are to be slacked whenever applicable.

All in all we have primarily Anti-Infantry weapons, as without number most likely will only affect them. But as we don't know what to expect really, we also have some weapons to deal with tanks / monstrous creatures to some degree.

Cody J said...

So the Archon here employs the uses of Mandrakes to infilitrate the base and take it down from the inside out. While holding the base, they are used to distract fire and divert enemy forces from overtaking the base.


Archon w/ Agonizer, Shadow Field, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Haywire Grenades- 140


x5 Incubi, Raider w/ FF- 180
x10 Madrakes w/ Nightfiend- 160
x10 Madrakes w/ Nightfiend- 160


x5 Warriors w/ Blaster, Venom with x2 SC- 125
x5 Warriors w/ Blaster, Venom with x2 SC- 125
x10 Warriors w/ Dark Lance, Raider w/ FF, Chain Snairs- 190
x10 Warriors w/ Dark Lance, Raider w/ FF, Chain Snairs- 190


Ravager w/ FF- 115
Ravager w/ FF- 115


Te Incubi act as a bodyguard for the Archon. every Archon nees a bodyguard and they are it. Any CC units get into the base, they are there to wreck face.

As described before, The Archon hired the mandrakes to infilitrate and divert enemy forces from the base. Something they will be very good at since they have 5++ and stealth. If people ignore them, they will pay the price.

4 troops. 2 mobile At units that are able to move from wall to wall and provide support fire whereever is needed. 2 static Dark Lances to cover the heavy stuff. You may have noticedthe Chain Snairs. I put those on for capturing slaves. Every Archon wants slaves and the snairs are able to do that for him.

2 Ravagers. They provide the muscle. Heavy hitters and aim at those that are coming to them.

Everyone is mobile except the Mandrakes. The vehicles are used to screen or take pop shots at the enemy vehicles or hordes running at them. The Archon's Raider of course stays secured in the back in case he needs to make his retreat!

Cody J said...

I wanted to know. You always say to email you if we have ideas for the Army List Challenges. How do we get into contact with you. The link at the top is broken, at least for me. I was running a few ideas through my head and was goingto run them by you. Please let me know!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Cody J,

The email address link is deliberately fragmented to (hopefully) reduce spam ;)

The address: warpstoneflux at gmail dot com is the best way of getting in contact with me.


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