Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hiding at the back of an Australian Geographic store was this dinosaur excavation kit.  The price was okay, so I thought I'd purchase it for (1) some fun and (2) the potential to have some neat looking scenery pieces eventually!   

If you've not come across these excavation kits before, the (educational) premise is straight-forward.  The kit contains a lump of gritty material ("rock") that encases a plastic dinosaur model.  Using some excavation tools supplied, the user (children??!? hahaha!) take their time to uncover the dinosaur bones contained within.  Both my wife and I have been taking turns doing some excavation and my (too young) daughter also seems to be taking an interest!  It is taking some time to finish the excavation, but what I've noticed is that it gives a good amount of stress relief after a tough day at the office(!)  The excavation tools are tough to use, but I guess they provide a real-ish simulation of the process ... well, at least a simulation of the patience required to perform the archeological process at any rate.  Once the stegosaurus skeleton is released, I plan to use it as (potentially multiple) scenery pieces.  Ironically, I'm tempted to partially re-bury some of it inside a crater.


Thor said...

I saw some of those over the weekend and was trying to find a way to work one into one of my 40K armies, though terrain seems the more obvious choice.

jabberjabber said...

I saw a dinosaur themed marine army once that looked very cool. But yeah, I agree that terrain is the more obvious and easier option.

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