Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apocalypse Homebrew: The Dark Contagion

This one was inspired by the old Realms of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned book:

The Dark Contagion.
Points Cost: 77 points per unit; 17 points per character.  May only be given to followers of Nurgle (daemons of Nurgle or models already possessing the mark of Nurgle).

Description: One of the more unpleasant "gifts" of Mortarion, the Dark Contagion causes the victim's flesh to swell up and sport black and purple blotches.  Out of these blotches spills a viscous and foul-smelling pus. 

Effect: If an opponent lands a close combat wound (regardless of whether it is subsequently saved or unsaved) on the unit or character possessing the dark contagion, the pus bursts out and splatters the opponent, causing them to retch and/or generally be overcome with disgust.  The opponent's initiative is reduced to 1 for the next close combat round and they strike last.  (This applies to the whole attacking unit in an analogous way to thunder hammers causing oppenents to strike last.)

Historical Notes:
This gift of Mortarion originally had the opponent take a willpower (now known as Ld) test if they caused a wound.  If that failed, the opponent lost all subsequent attacks in that round and in the next round as well.  In an on-going campaign, there was also a risk that affected models would contract the dark contagion themselves.  This interpretation of the Dark Contagion is a bit more stream-line and effective, which is reflected in the points cost. 


Spifferson said...

I would give an initiative test to avoid/dodge the effects or require the "blessed' unit to take an unsaved wound. Either of these would likely bring the cost down.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Spifferson. Whilst I don't disagree, I figured if it were an Apoc game, then players might be fielding large numbers of miniatures per unit ... hence the large points value would be spread better on a "per model" basis.

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