Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chaos Marine with Melee Weapon Conversion: Concept and Painting

This chaos space marine is an exploration of a melee weapon conversion.  The melee weapon comes from a fantasy sprue for the upper portion and pummel, and a wire wrapped around a long section of paper clip for the upper grip.  This gives the impression of a hand-and-a-half sword for the space marine.  Perhaps he will drop the plasma gun and grip the weapon in a two handed fashion before charging in to close combat?

The painting of the miniature doesn't follow a particular legion or chapter scheme.  Instead, it follows a kind of chaos ultramarine pattern: blue for the large part of the armour, coupled with white for accents and shoulder trim.  The hand-and-a-half sword was painted with a bronze grip to offset the blue colours of the miniature and help it stand out.  The eyes and plasma of the plasma gun are picked out in red with subtle orange highlights applied.  Meanwhile, the base is a combination of medium sized rock grit scattered amongst green flock and painted cork.  Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome of this test miniature and I'm thinking of replicating it for special units or characters (squad leaders at any rate) for other chaos space marines.

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