Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bolter Conversion

What do most marine armies (including chaos) have in common?  Of the many possible answers ranging from shoulder pads to geneseed, one of the more obvious would have to be the bolter (unless we're talking about Death Wing ... but that's a different story!).  So, how can you make your army stand out in a simple manner?  Do some conversion work on these most obvious bits!
This bolter conversion is one of the most simple ones to do -- extending the barrel.  To achieve this look, I chopped and filed away the existing bolter barrel.  Then, I took a small section of a plastic styrene cylinder (sold by evergreen for those wondering) and drilled out the barrel at the end, and a cross-section through the barrel with a steady hand and a small bit on my hand drill.  The new, extended barrel was then simply glued in to place on the old bolter.  Voila -- a simple conversion that will make a regular marine stand out from the crowd, or if done for an entire squad, differentiate them from all other marines out there!


Porky said...

I'm a fan. It makes the bolter look more accurate, even higher powered, and generally lighter and more experimental.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the feedback, Porky!

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