Monday, September 12, 2011

Fish Tank Scenery: Tower

Wandering around pet stores can be a fruitful endeavour for the keen-eyed scenery collector looking for something a bit more unique for their table-top.

This find cost me a small 5 AUD from the fish tank decoration section of a pet store that I took my daughter to at the weekend (she's always amused looking at the live animals!).  The piece looks like it is straight out of an Hirst Arts cast (and indeed, is probably something that I could cast with sufficient time, but it has the advantage of coming pre-painted and assembled).  But it is more of an entire mold cast, having looked carefully for the mold lines(!) 

For scale, there is a horror of Tzeentch in the foreground.  Hence: the archway is probably big enough for a terminator to stare through, or perhaps two grots side-by-side.  It's a nice bit of kit and something that I'm certain that I'll use in future games.  So, I'm going to be visiting more pet stores and (in particular) fish tank retailers in the future...


Tristan said...

I wish these kind of things were more reasonable here. They always seem to be closer to $15 CAD than $5, and even when I catch a pet store closing down they never seem willing to bargain much :(

Nice find!

sonsoftaurus said...

I know! International markets are so unfair. That would be like a $20 piece here. You Aussies have it so good!

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