Saturday, September 3, 2011

Changeling Finecast Sprue

The Changeling proved to be the first finecast miniature that I've purchased.  I've historically used a semi-random miniature to represent the Changeling in previous games, but felt that the time was right to buy-in to the actual miniature give how fond I am of his/her/its ability.  The sprue is pictured to the left.

Whilst I fully accept that the resin will be much easier to work with than the metal alloy version of the miniature, there are more aesthetic issues that I've noticed than compared to a typical metal one. It is very easy to spot the excess flash around the edges of the miniature -- particularly along the slender staff that the changeling brandishes.  The sprue itself looks warped in the picture -- as it does in real life.  This is not a biggie, but I will note that some of the miniature is also warped (again the staff -- no better or worse than a metal miniature in that regard I guess!).  There are also one or two subtle defects in the accessories that the Changeling is carrying -- an odd air bubble in the forearm guard for instance is clear on the obverse of the image.  But I do agree with the hype that overall the quality is high.  For me, the question is whether the ease of working with resin and the extra flash outweighs the lack of defects common to metal miniatures.  I'll get back to you!


Papa JJ said...

Since the material is so flexible, are you able to correct the warped staff? I wonder if the finecast wouldn't have a tendency to return to its original, warped shape.

Frontline Gamer said...

I feel with my 'experience' with Finecast I shouldn't really comment, but that is appalling. Papa JJ is spot on as well Finecast has a tendancy to return to its 'previous' state. My gyrocopter had twisted parts and they have started to twist back... although that's the least of my concerns with that particular model.

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