Monday, August 22, 2011

"Quality Issues"

So, I was planning on making my first citadel finecast purchase this weekend (and yes -- I've waited a while to do so).  My intent was to get hold of the new Tzeentch Herald on the Disc.  And, yes, I was even willing to pay GW Australia prices (61 AUD, to be precise) to get hold of it on the release date. 

In store, they didn't have any on the shelves.  I asked whether I'd got the realease date right.  One bloke said he wasn't sure, so I spoke to another staff member.  It turned out that there were "quality issues" with the Tzeentch herald (in their own words).  But moreover, this wasn't just affecting the herald.  The Bloodthirster of Khorne was not on the shelves either ... same reason given.  Expected delivery date: next weekend. 



Spifferson said...

Shame about the herald but at least they are not forcing the customers to sort through and deal with the quality issues themselves. I am disappointed that the Bloodthirster is the same sculpt. Out of all the greater daemons I figure he could have used a re-sculpt or maybe just a new head.

Anton said...

I was looking online at the herald myself but then noticed the price and that put me straight off!

I agree with you Spiff the bloodthirster sculpt is well overdue for a re-sculpt I remember when you could buy it in the material before white metal!!

Ian Charles said...

Weird, I picked up a herald on Saturday (in the UK) and its fine, perfect in fact.

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