Thursday, August 4, 2011

Painted Quantum Cannon

In painting Quantum Gothic's quantum cannon, I wanted to opt for a more standard scheme than I've done with the previous pieces I've painted up from this company which are done in lots of rusted colours.  I therefore set about with a standard metallic dry brushing approach for the mainstay of the piece, but became a bit unhappy with the somewhat bland choice and approach vector I was taking.  I therefore decided to accent the piece with reds (for selected metal struts and regions) and blues (for the power coils).  Each of the accent colours has been washed down to darker tones, before lighting up to highlights with blazing orange and electric blue (respectively).  The overall feel of the scenery is one that feels like it has just come off the production line, but has not been painted up in to the correct colours of whatever army had to deploy it at short notice.  I think as a final touch, I will add some muddy colours around the base to finish off the idea of fresh-off-the-line and pressed-into-battle sooner that was ideal concept.


Porky said...

I love the fresh heavy metal look and the way you've picked only those parts out. It feels 40K, but the explanation points up a facet we don't usually think about.

jabberjabber said...

Cheers Porky!

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