Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Quantum Gothic Quantum Cannon

The Quantum Gothic Quantum Cannon is yet another high quality resin product, as we've come to expect from the company.  There are eleven pieces that constitute the quantum cannon and not one of them had any flexure or warpage issue. Neither is there any existent issue air bubbles with their resin. There were only a few flakes of flash, hence the clean up time was about one minute at most (no exaggeration)!  

If you have purchased any other products from Quantum Gothic (e.g. the Catalyst), you'll notice that the base is exactly the same and takes very little time to put together.  Even without prior knowledge, the instructions are clear as to how to assemble the base and they also offer fore-warning about how to position the angle of the cannon as it is not adjustable later on once glued (unless you're willing to indulge in some minor conversion work). 
The rest of the assembly of the quantum cannon was easy.  The entire model can be cleaned and constructed in less than fifteen minutes and it looks awesome on the tabletop battlefield.  The image below shows the completed cannon.  It stands taller than a regular space marine and even dwarfs a terminator.  For direct size comparison, have a look at my earlier post on the catalyst missile launcher that includes the same base as the quantum cannon.  The head of a regular space marine doesn't quite reach the pivot point of the cannon.
In terms of how to use the quantum cannon inside a warhammer 40,000 game, clearly the primary use is as a high quality piece of scenery.  But if you're like me, then you'll no doubt like to have some house rules about how the cannon might function.  I developed a small set of rules for the cannon that are consistent with the background given on quantum gothic's web site.  I am sure that readers could also imagine other uses for the gun, say on titans; an orkified defence fortress; or an imperial bastion.  One of the best bits about the cannon, the comm dish and the catalyst is that Quantum Gothic also sell a bunker that could be used to mount all three.  It's certain a probably future purchase for me!

Disclaimer: Although I am not affiliated with Quantum Gothic in any way, they did ask me to write this review. However, I was under no obligation to make any positive, or negative comments about the product. At no stage did the company insist on reviewing this article before publication.


Marcin Ciszewicz said...

Looks like a high quality piece, and well cast, despite all the detail. Not exactly my cup of tea, due to all the embellishments, but I am sure there are many Imperial or Chaos players who would be interested. I suppose I should look into the entire range of Quantum Gothic products, perhaps I could find something more to my liking. Thanks for the review.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Marcin, the quality of their products is impressive to say the least. I can thoroughly recommend them!

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