Sunday, May 15, 2011

Horsemen of Apocalypse: III - Slaanesh

The third chaos lord is the Lord Purgator -- The Slaaneshi lord.  With the other three, he will form the core of the Lords of the Black Crusade Apocalypse formation.  Of all of the chaos lords that I created in this series, I think I had the hardest problem with this one in terms of what to choose for his load-out. 
The first choice was whether to make him a chaos lord or sorcerer.  Although the sorcerer could have had access to the Lash of Submission, I opted for a regular chaos lord in the end simply because I feel that the Lash is probably over-used.  Or, at least it was over-used the last time I fielded a large Slaaneshi force!

As well as the steed (or counts-as bike), the Slaaneshi lord has been equipped with a single lightning claw to take advantage of the Mark of Slaanesh (I+1).  The right hand holds a halberd that could either be a daemon weapon or a regular (but impressive looking!) close combat weapon.  The head is from the standard chaos space marine boxed set whereas the lightning claw comes from a loyalist terminator(!)  The rest of the model (including the shoulder pad on the top of the lightning claw) is from the chaos knights kit. 

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