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Poll Open for the May 2011 Army List Challenge

There are three entrants for this month's army list challenge.  Check them out below and then proceed to vote (poll to the right) for which is the "most effective army that also best articulate the theme".

(1) Suneokun (Tau)

The Tau'Va have long held the rulers of this Gue'la planet in contempt. The water caste has decreed that with their removal and the eradication of this Eldar/Tyranid threat - order can be restored...

Two HQ's (@174): Shas'O and 2 Crisis Suit Bodyguards with twin linked Flamers and Missile Pod and 2 x Gundrones

Three Elites (@154): Team leader and 2 Crisis Suits with twin linked Flamers and Missile Pod team leader and 2 x Gundrones

Two Troops (@70) 10 Kroot

Two Fasts (@195) 5 pathfinders with a Devilfish with SMS, 1 Seeker Missiles each, targetting array, multitracker and Sensor Spines.

Three Heavy (@170) of a Skyray with with SMS, 2 Seeker Missiles each, targetting array, multitracker and Sensor Spines.

Total 1850pts

The new FAQ for the Seeker missile means that the Seekers can disembowel any Eldar/DEldar mech. At which point the Flamer teams go to work, using their superior speed to engage the enemy and torch building by building.

The pathfinders work as sniper nests, moving from position to position - using their Sensor'd vehicles to complete ignore difficult terrain tests. The combination of seekers (on vehicles and MCs) and flamers ignoring cover and enough markerlights to ignore it twice means the end of these Xenos threat - and another malcontent Imperial nation brought into the omnicient fold of the greater good.

(2) Farmpunk (Grey Knights)

The Possibility of a Xenos incursion has brought forth the Mighty of the Imperium: The Grey Knights.

1x GK GrandMaster (Nemesis Sword, Rad Grenades, Incinerator, 3x Servo Skulls) 210pts

3x Grey Knight Strike Squads (8 Nemesis Swords, 2Psycannon) 220pts each (660 total)

3x Grey Knight Purifier Squads (1 Nemesis Hammer, 5 Nemesis Halberds, 3 Psycannon, 1 Incinerator) 285pt each (855 total)

1x Grey Knight Dreadnought (AutoCannon, Psybolt Ammo, Nemesis DoomFist) 130pts

totalling 1850pts.

The GM picks one of the Purifier squads to deploy with, and uses Grand Strategy on D3 units (probably the 3 Purifiers, if only 1 gets strategy, that's who the GM goes with.)
Probably will be issuing Scouts to Purifiers to get them moving ahead and into buildings. (or re-roll 1's on wounding if 'nids) (perhaps make purifiers troops if it's objectives.)
Strike Squads can either march on or DeepStrike with Servo Skulls to guide them home.

The Dread is there to dish out some S8 longer range shots to tanks and MC's, and still have a fist for CC. Plus, he gives improved aegis.

Eldar Skimmers? Tyrannid Monst. creatures? I've got Psycannons a-plenty. Casting Psychic powers on me? I've got Aegis on all the Squads (for a -1Ld to the Psychic test targeting a GK), and Improved aegis (-4 Ld).
Hordes of gribblies? I've got Purifying flames and I6 Purifiers.

The Grey knights will move up through the buildings, and squelch the uprising with combined Shooting and Close combat prowess.

(3) Tenzing (Blood Angels)

The Blood Angels Battlegroup from Capt Sendini’s 5th battle Company has been tasked with returning this planet to the Imperial Tax Ledgers. A potential Xenos threat requires use of the Librarius to seek out Xenos Psychic spoor, and the close-confines nature of Ultimon city necessitates the use of close-quarters battle tactics and weaponry.


Librarian, Jump pack, Infernus pistol, Unleash Rage, Sanguine Sword- 140
Honour Guard- Blood Champion, Jump Packs, 1 Flamer, 1 Power Weapon, 2 Storm Shield- 245


10 Assault Marine- 2 Meltagun, Lightning Claw- 225
10 Assault Marine- 2 Meltagun, Lightning Claw- 225
10 Tactical- flamer, MM, combi, Rhino, extra armour- 245


Furioso Dreadnought- Blood Talons, extra armour- 140
Sanguinary Priest- Jump Pack- 75

Fast Attack

5 Scout Bikers- Locator Beacon, Cluster Mines, 2 Grenade- 165
5 Scout Bikers- Locator Beacon, Cluster Mines, 2 Grenade- 165
Attack Bike- 40

Heavy Support

Whirlwind- 90
Whirlwind- 90

Total- 1845

The Plan

Scout Bikers are outriders, and can call in Jump Packers wherever they need to. Whirlwinds can lay down fire to support the advance and wheedle enemy Xenos out of cover. The Priests can support wherever he needs to, providing a second attack to the Librarian and Honour Guard. The Tactical Squad and Furioso are rogue agents, going wherever they are needed (oh, and Furioso’s are amazing at CQB)

So- can kill AP4 at range, can kill MC’s up close, and can bust armour. Also, force is as fast as Eldar. Finally- survivable (thanks to FNP and dense-city cover)- everythings up-close, just the way BAngels like it :)

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