Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stylish Cubed

Three separate bloggers have awarded Warpstone Flux a Stylish Award! (At least those that I know of so far) A big thank you to ChrisSuneokun and Anton :)

These awards are a pay-it-forward viral campaign that really amounts to a nice pat on the back from people that I respect.  Thanks guys!

As part of the award, I'm obliged to say seven things about myself and nominate a further ten blogs for the award (and now you see how viral it is!).  The latter is becoming increasingly tough as many people and blogs that I regularly frequent have already received the award!  Anyhow...

Seven things about myself.... hmmmm.... well, I honestly don't usually say too much about myself as my friends know who I am.  Let's see:

1. I am a professional research scientist, with a Ph.D. in astrophysics.
2. I lecture in physics and astronomy at university level (maybe I was / am one of my readers lecturers????!).   
3. I'm originally from the U.K., now in Australia.  Both of those facts explain my shifting accent. 
4. Married with children.
5. Played 40k since the Rogue Trader era.
6. Despite playing the bad guys (chaos in all its guises), I've also flirted with tyranids, space marines, eldar, orks .... in fact most of the other "races", also dungeons and dragons, settlers of catan, lego.... but I think I digress.  Don't flirt with orks.  They'll treat you like a grot.
7. Wonders what the question was if "chaos" is the answer?  (please leave a comment!)

And now the really tough part for me: nominating others for the award.  I'll apologize in advance if I don't nominate your blog: there's too many to choose between these days (my reading list is over 450 blogs long) and I think many of the ones I would have nominated have already received that award (e.g. Drax, GWPertinent, Sons of Taurus, John's Toy Soldiers .... etc., etc.)!  So in no particular order:

1. From the Warp.  Ron is inspirational.  Enough said.
2. Galaxy in Flames.  Big Jim is a creative whirlwind!
3. Space Wolves.  High quality blog number three(?) from Adam.
4. Dark Future Gaming.  Old School Terminator et al. are still going strong!
5. A Gentleman's Ones.  Brian is very much a gentleman -- it was pleasure to work with you on the KillZone project.
6. 3++ is the new black.  Kirby et al. are doing a terrific job analyzing army lists.  Much more comprehensive than my efforts, but I am still willing to help with daemons lists as time permits.
7. Strictly average.  Brent, with unicorns and an evil homer.  
8. The Back 40k.  The boys from the Back share an awesome perspective on the game. 
9. Corbania Prime.  Home of the parade ground.
10. Porky's expanse.  Porky recently reminded me of "choose your own adventure" books with his blog your own adventure.  I decided to start my own: Astulae.  It's very incomplete and will take a long time to finish.  Feel free to follow it and provide suggestions!  


Flekkzo said...

If chaos is the answer, the question must be: What is your favorite theory?

And astrophysicist, blimey, that's some seriously big stuff. And it must make you think of the 40k universe a bit extra:) Always cool how people with vastly different backgrounds can enjoy the same hobby. For the record I work as a Senior Software Engineer :)

Adam said...

Only number 3? lol

Thanks dude, I'm really flattered :)

jabberjabber said...

@Adam: I lost count, and which order they appeared in to be honest :)

I should have just said N+1!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the et al. Not sure who would be included I'l pretend like it's me. Thanks jabberjabber. From all at 3++.

Kirby said...

It isn't you BroLo.

Which uni you lecture at jabber?

Porky said...

Thanks for putting me in there too, and with such big names too. I actually already have it - soon we all will..! - so if you want to nominate another blog, feel completely free. If not, I'll use it to give a shout-out to some of the smaller blogs.

jabberjabber said...

@Flekkzo: the comment about chaos theory reminded me of this cool, but old (now defunct) blog:

jabberjabber said...

@Kirby: I kinda like the idea of students asking their physics / astronomy professors "Are you jabberjabber?" in their classes.... I wanna see where that goes first! (evil grin!). So let's just say that I've lectured at two group of 8 uni's for the moment ;)

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