Sunday, May 8, 2011

Horsemen of Apocalypse: I - Khorne

The intent with this series of articles is to construct four horsemen (with perhaps an icon holder) to represent four chaos lords (one of each of the major powers) mounted on horseback (representing chaos steeds or bikes even) for use within Apocalypse games (and standard games on their own, or with one other chum).

First out is the Khorne horseman -- Lord Ravager.  No real special work has been undertaken on the horse itself (beyond the selection of a chaos knight kit that looked suitable for the blood god's minions to ride -- note the skulls on the chains).  For the chaos lord, I've used a chaos marine torso with a world eater berzerker head on the top.  One of the arms is a standard chaos marine plasma pistol (because even their own blood is welcome, right?!) whilst the other wields a deadly looking axe.  The backpack is one that I had lying around and is very thinly coated, so shouldn't be too much trouble to paint over.  

In terms of load-out, this will be a chaos lord with the Mark of Khorne, riding a motorbike and armed with a plasma pistol and a daemon blade.  This guy has one function: shoot things with the plasma pistol and promptly get in to combat and cause mayhem.  


Dameon Green said...

Looks great!

The Chaos Knight are an excellent Kitbash source available to 40k players!

jabberjabber said...

Cheers Dameon! I can thoroughly recommend the Chaos Knights for all kinds of kit-bashing.

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