Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dreadfleet Release

The mystery has revealed itself: Games Workshop has just released the Dreadfleet board game boxed set.  It is a new board game with plastic citadel miniatures for battles on the high seas.  Specifically, the vampire count's fleet takes on the humans et al. for dominance on the seas.  Who will win?  Can your ships get a strong broadside on the enemy or will all your gunpowder kegs go up in flames from incoming fire and sink your ships before you can even get a volley away?

The game looks like it will be a solid addition to the limited edition releases over the past few years such as SpaceHulk.  However, I think that SpaceHulk was probably the best-seller over recent years (with strong tie-ins to the 40k game due to the unique Blood Angels terminators and genestealers sold with the set), so it will be interesting to evaluate how well this limited release does over time.

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