Friday, September 16, 2011

Head Swap: Helms on Guardsmen

Often, a simple head-swap can do wonders for the feel and aesthetic of a miniature.  I have a small number of guardsmen figures that I'm creating with a "mutated" feel to them just as a mini-side-project to keep me distracted.  The first head-swap effort was using a dryad tree head and I think that came out reasonably well.

This guy, instead of having an alien styled or totally mutated head simply has a helmet (from the chaos knights range).  Sure, its not a massive conversion.  But, I think it gives off an air of "sinister" and "chaos" nonetheless.  I intend to paint this one up in the same colours as the previous guardsman I painted so that they can form a small killteam unit of Tzeentch renegades perhaps.

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