Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Happened to Pvt. Smith? A simple guardsman conversion

This is a concept piece that underscores that even the most simple of conversions (a head swap) can dramatically alter the entire feel of a piece.  All that has been done here is to swap the head of a standard plastic Cadian Guardsman for a plastic warhammer fantasy Dryad.  Not only do the heads of the Dryads looks malevolent, but there's a distinct "daemon" feel to the guardsman now. 

The painting of the miniature is nothing particularly special: muted browns on the jacket and trousers with grey boots all washed down in brown and highlighted.  The carapace armour is ultramarine in approach: blues with light blue highlights around the edges.  The head is a vibrant yellow with brown lowlights and whiter highlights.  The eyes are dotted pure skull white with a steady hand and a triple zero brush.

In terms of what I'll use this unique piece for inside the game, I'm not too sure to be honest.  Perhaps as the result of a boon of mutation spell?


sonsoftaurus said...

Very nice. A little bit indeed can go a long way.

It could also be "Pvt. Smith at instant of catching plasma bolt in the face."

The mounted fantasy chaos lord is a nice example - lots of bling, but the bit that really tells you about chaos is a more subtle part, his arm replaced by a tentactle that you may not notice at first.

Gotthammer said...

Great use of a rarely seen part, and the one change definately alters the whole model.

@sonsoftaurus - "Pvt Smith at instant of firing his plamagun".

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