Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daemon Prince Painting Progress

The next step in the painting of this daemon prince involved a series of very dark washes on top of the mechrite red basecoat.  The washes serve to get in all the recessed cracks of the sculpt and provide a good degree of depth to the miniature's paint scheme.  After the washes, I have slowly built the reds back up again on the raised surfaces, one layer at a time.  The first layer is barely noticeable in the image below, being only just above the washed areas in tone.  However, subsequent layers progress through red gore, blood red to almost pure blazing orange on some of the raised surfaces. 

The black areas (especially the shoulder pad) have been highlighted in grey and edged in shining gold.  Meanwhile, the power claw arm has had silver applied over the edges which will be touched up at a later stage.  The overall vibe of this miniature is now coming through quite nicely and it shouldn't be too long before he's finished off.


HOTpanda said...

Dang that is a one hell of a Daemon Prince. A unique idea that tells a tale of his past life before daemon-hood.

DimmyK said...

I really like it! However one little thing about the face - I think that it should stand out a bit more - as it is it gets sucked into the red of the model, how about making some lighter/brighter build ups of colour on it or possibly even making it a different colour (purple perhaps)

Otherwise it is awesome

Warflake said...

Thats a gorgeous Daemon Prince mate, as HOTpanda said, it tells a tale.

The build up of washes looks amazing.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks guys! @DimmyK: I agree -- I'll work a bit more on the facial definition :)

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