Monday, June 6, 2011

Scenario: Secure the Homing Devices

Rough Background: The planet was once the forge world of an unknown xenos race who were wiped from the stars.  Their technology is impressive and should be collected and analyzed.  Moreover, there are multiple beacons or homing devices on the surface that are easy to tap in to and hack the frequencies of.  But rest assured, your enemy is able to do the same.

Set-up: Place 5 homing devices across the board.  Ideally, only a maximum of one device should be in each player's deployment zone.

Special Rules: Any unit is able to deep-stike (without scatter) off these homing devices from reserve, regardless of whether they are ordinarily able to deep-strike.  Only one device may be used in this way per player turn, but there is no limit on the number of units that can use said singular homing device.  Place units doing this within 6" of the homing devices when they arrive on the board.

If a homing device is controlled (i.e. NOT simply contested) by a player, the opposing player may not use it for deep-strike purposes as outlined above.

The winner is the player with the highest number of homing devices controlled when the game finishes.


eriochrome said...

Seems like a planetstrike mission. You need to describe placement rules better (assume just copy objective placement). Also does this not cause unfair penalties to units who pay for deepstriking since everyone gets it free (hence in planetstrike they can charge after deepstriking).

jabberjabber said...

Indeed, it could be an unfair scenario for some armies. But as a variation / change-of-pace scenario, it could be fun as a once-off!

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