Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear Alpharius

Dear Alpharius,

I noticed that you have sent your agents to the outskirts of the Imperium to spread dissent.  Indeed, many of them appear to have been hugely successful.  Numerous worlds have converted to Horus' banner without the need for any valuable space marines to be sent to those world.  I congratulate you for this insidious endeavour.

But then in the Istvaan system, your marines interjected to prevent some of Angron's World Eaters from joining in the hunt for Corax.  Through this action, you effectively kept Corax and a small contingent of his Raven Guard legion alive and well.  

My dear Alpharius, why let Corax go when you sell entire worlds to Horus?  Surely Corax's quicker demise will bring about the defeat of chaos all the faster by allowing Horus to win?  

Your loyal servant,


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Wait, why is the letter signed by Alpharius? I am confuzzled.

Julian McPherson said...

It's the alPha legion, you should be confused

Hax said...

Dear Alpharius,

Although it may seem that we are advancing the agenda of the Warmaster, you must remember that ultimately, we are trying to save the Imperium. Though we subvert worlds by the dozen, this is ultimately an act of necessary evil to strengthen the soul of the average Imperial citizen against the difficulties to come.

Corax is needed to later revive the Imperium from the ashes of rebellion. Thus we, as the orchestrators of Imperial salvation must remain vigilint.

Hydra dominatus. Let the galaxy burn, for the Emperor!

Very best,


DimmyK said...

I'm confused about Alpharius signing off too... :$

Old School Terminator said...

I am Alpharius! Read Legion!

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