Friday, June 3, 2011

Plastic Chaos Marine Las Cannon

One way in which the chaos player can circumvent the need to purchase expensive (metal / but eventually finecast??) versions of chaos havocs is to convert the loyalist devastator squads.  This is one of my first attempts at realizing this idea, using a las cannon devastator.  Realistically, not much effort has gone in to this conversion.  A simple head swap coupled with chaos shoulder pads is rounded off with a gargoyle's head being attached to the end of the las cannon to give it the chaos feeling.  This is a simple chop, file and replace job for the regular las cannon terminus.
The one thing that bothers me about this conversion is the backpack: it really doesn't look terribly chaos.  But, since I'm eventually intending for this guy to join my Sons of Malice ranks, I'm not sure this would be a problem.  The reason being is that the Sons of Malice turned way after the original chaos legions did and they probably had packs like this available to use.  That's my narrative and I'm sticking to it!


eriochrome said...

Good start. Since it is already assembled I would just try to spike or skull up the backpack. I saw a 3 spike piece on the chaos marine sprue that might work and the skull hanging from the chain.

Not to be critical but you might try one without the eyepiece/sight and cut the barrel back farther where the hand is almost at the gargoyle head. The sight looks a little technological advanced for the standard chaos warband theme.

jabberjabber said...

I like the idea of adding more spikes & chains!

My thought with the technology level is that the Sons of Malice are a recently "turned" chapter. Therefore they probably had access to more up-to-date equipment than the Black Legion (etc.) did. But I take your point!

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