Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Warhound Titan: Feet and Naming

It has been a while since I updated my progress on my Warhound Titan. The delay was largely due to family, as well as tools having an inconvenient way of breaking whenever I want to use them. Clearly I need to shout more incantations to the machine god before proceeding with this endeavour. 

I've now built both of the feet of the Warhound, as displayed in the image below. Perhaps the most fiddly bits are the pistons -- I'd certainly advise to always measure twice and cut once with these bits -- although it is nice that you get spares of these.

The second image shows that I've even made some progress beyond the feet. The first joint of the legs are now in place as well. This took some drilling to accomplish. In short, I've inserted a good length of brass rod straight up through the base of the foot and up in to the ball and socket joint to ensure that this leg is sturdy. Add in some glue, and a scratched surface for the glue to adhere better to, and its a bond that won't be moving any time soon.

As some readers may have read, I've also named the Titan.

It shall be known as: Novacula Occulta. (the link goes to The Titan Owners club webpage). 
This roughly translates from the pseudo-latin to English as the Hidden Razor. Progress can be followed on Warpstone Flux through the Perennia tag

Speaking of which: this Titan will belong to the Legio Perennia. This is a titan legion that the Alpha Legion stole (see the Black Library short story The Harrowing for details) and will therefore be an excellent complement to the Alpha Legion foot soldiers that I'm currently building. 

Naturally, the Princeps of this war machine will be called Alpharius. Who else?!

The Demi Legion will be Gyra Caerula -- roughly translating as the Blue Wheel or the Rotating Storm. The inference here is that its wheels-within-wheels (or complicated plots!). Also very suitable for the Alpha Legion's allies. 

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