Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Imperialis Auxilia Sentinel Scout Squadron

Arguably the lightest of the walker class of vehicles, the Sentinel was used on both sides of the Heresy to varying degrees, and more by planetary governors to keep the unruly citizens in line and obedient. (and suppressing them when rebellion did occur).

They're really rather cheap overall. And that, in a nut shell, is their primary strength.

Okay, they've also got move through cover and scout to make them mobile which is certainly an attractive bonus (based on how the board might plausibly be set up). Their configurability is good and they can pack a punch if they're ignored too long on the playing field.

Imperial Guard players will be accustomed to their drawbacks. The AV=10 armour combined with being open topped and low hull points mean that they are very easy to remove from the board. Indeed, even bolter shots can glance an entire squad of these to death in good time.

Not so sure that the combat blades are a worthwhile upgrade, but hey, we might as well explore the idea.

They're cheap enough, so why not spend some points on them. Here's a few ideas.

3 sentinels, additional combat blades, heavy flamers (105 points).
Find a way to get them close (e.g., Master of Ambush) and they're probably going to be a great tar pit for a round or two. I hope.

3 Sentinels, heavy flamers (90 points).
A distraction unit to be deployed against units in cover. Take your chances and see if you can kill them?

6 sentinels, lascannons (240 points).
So long as you have first turn, you should be able to put these to at least some reasonable use. Switch to missile launchers by the same logic if preferred (for less points).

6 sentinels, autocannons (210 points).
Lots of firepower should be able to do something before you get blown away.

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