Saturday, March 19, 2016

Alpha Legion Heavy Support Basecoat

Just a short post today on some painting that I've been undertaking for the Alpha Legion forces that I'm creating. Following in the footsteps of my recon sniper marines, today I wanted to show an intermediate step in painting some of my heavy support squad.

Here, I've completed the base coat and the initial layering with dark washes and recess work. I now need to proceed to lightening the edges and doing the general highlight work. I might do the edging in some light blue, but silver is tempting as well. Not quite sure which way I'll go yet. 

I've also been experimenting a little bit with heat staining on the tip of the missile launcher. It needs a bit more blending, but its getting there. Regardless, overall I'm happy with this intermediate step and there's clearly more work yet to do here.

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