Monday, March 14, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Heavy Ordnance Battery

What do you get if you have a big weapon mounted on a basilisk or a medusa, and you remove the tank treads? You get this: an immobile ordnance battery. Placed in strategic locations, they can certainly prove their worth with some big guns and nice survivability if treated well.

The ability to take an Earthshaker cannon or Medusa siege gun at a reduced cost compared to the tank treaded version is certainly a strong temptation for a big-guns style of play. And its one that would certainly appeal to me, if I were a strong Auxilia or Cults player.

Both the Earthshaker and Medusa are strong weapons with the barrage rule and a big pie plate to cover a large area. The breacher shells that are available as an upgrade impose a S10 AP1 hit over a smaller area that can dominate the battlefield in the right conditions.

Clearly these things are immobile. And more crew would be a wise investment here as well. The four crew are going to die very quickly if they come under sustained fire to be honest. On the other hand, the siege weapon itself is rather survivable with T=7 and multiple wounds coupled with a save that actually exists!

A few things to consider.

3 Artillery carriages (Earthshaker) (225 points).
Subtle this is not. I hope that it'll get off at least 2 rounds of firing before the crew come in for a bit of attention.

3 Medusa with Breacher Shells, 8 crew each (351 points).
High strength and capable of putting a dent even in a superheavy. This is a set of weapons that should be looking to take out a tank every turn and survive multiple turns in to the game.

3 Medusa (300 points).
The more baseline variant of the above.

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Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

remember all the gun crew are T7 as long as they are with the guns.

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